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AyC Grenadier Coronas Dark 5 4pks
AyC Grenadier Coronas Dark 5 4pks
AyC Grenadier Coronas Dark 5 4pks

Antonio y Cleopatra, also known as AyC, offers one of the most affordable, yet prestigious cigars in the world. So as an official distributor for AyC, it’s our honor to introduce you to one of their hottest sellers, Grenadier Corona Dark.

Overall, AyC has satisfied cigar smokers for more than 130 years! Therefore, they know what their customers want and expect. So to keep the tradition going, we secured an exclusive deal with AyC that allows us to offer you a rare set that includes five boxes of Grenadier Corona Dark for a price that you simply won’t find anywhere else! So take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING PROMO and get your supply delivered with god-speed. We guarantee freshness, so as soon as your order comes through, your package goes out!

Ayc Cremadier
ITG Brands Inc
5 Packs of 4 Cigars

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