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AyC Grenadiers Dark 50ct Box
AyC Grenadiers Dark 50ct Box
AyC Grenadiers Dark 50ct Box

Made in Puerto Rico, Antonio y Cleopatra (AyC) offers one of the most distinguished cigars in the world. Not only are they made from premium tobacco, but they’re also really affordable, which is surprising considering the quality craftsmanship that goes into every AyC cigar sold in the world. 

All in all, AyC has been in production for over 130 years! Therefore, they know a thing or two about cigars, and if it’s one thing cigar smokers love, it’s a 50-count box! Indeed, there’s no joy like what you get when you flip the lid open and pull out a fresh stick! Great with coffee, Grenadier Dark Cigars are best in the morning! However, they’re just as good in the afternoon. Plus, there’s nothing better than capping the night off with a Grenadiers Dark! So order your 50-count box today and instantly save! Also, if you take advantage of our awesome FREE SHIPPING PROMO, you’ll save even more!

Ayc Grenadier
ITG Brands LLC
Box of 50 Cigars

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