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Black and Mild Deluxe Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Deluxe Cigars 25ct Box
Black and Mild Deluxe Cigars 25ct Box

If you're looking for a cigar that fits your lifestyle, then we totally recommend buying Black & Mild Deluxe Cigar. Not only will you stand out above the crowd, but everyone will also want to know what you’re smoking on, so be prepared for the questions! 

Black & Mild Deluxe Cigars is a machine-made, pipe tobacco cigar brand, produced by John Middleton, Limerick, Pennsylvania, making these bad boys 100% American-Made. However, the company imports it’s tobacco from several points around the world. But if it’s not high-quality, then it’s not good enough for Black & Mild Cigars.

Built into a slim 5 x 30 size tube, Black & Mild Cigars are perfect for shorter smoke breaks. We now carry the Deluxe 25-count box of singles, so scoop yours up today, and one by one, watch how fast they go!

Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Deluxe Cream
Box of 25 Cigars

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