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Dutch Cigarillos Atomic Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Atomic Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Atomic Fusion

According to the numbers, Dutch Masters manufactures the number one cigar in the country, and we couldn’t agree more with this statistic! Indeed, Dutches are famous nationwide, especially on the east coast. Also, they’re one of Buy Little Cigars hottest selling products as well. 

The truth is, Dutch Masters enjoys a lot of fame and popularity in the United States. In fact, their Corona, Vanilla, and Presidente flavors have all dominated the industry for several years now. However, once Dutches starting making cigarillos and unique flavors such as Atomic Fusion, their credibility shot through the roof. But then again, Dutches only uses premium Cuban-seed tobacco in all their cigarillos, so they automatically received approval, as you would expect.

Dutch Master
ITG Brands LLC
Atomic Fusion
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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