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Dutch Leaf Real Sweet 30 Packs of 2
Dutch Leaf Real Sweet 30 Packs of 2
Dutch Leaf Real Sweet 30 Packs of 2

Made with superior craftsmanship, Dutch leaf Real Sweet Cigarillos are smooth, fresh, and of course, SWEET. Indeed, this flavor lives up to its name! But then again, Dutch Master products are always on-point and smoker-approved, we agree.

However, when it comes to Dutch Leaf Real Sweet Cigarillos, they truly stand out above the competition. But then again, these particular cigars are made with all-natural Cuban-seed tobacco (premium-grade) and feature an authentic, naturally-aged wrapper. Plus, they’re unique tasting, original, and pleasantly sweet to the last pull.

So as you can see, Dutch Leaf Real Sweet Cigarillos are a Real Treat. Furthermore, our supply of Dutch Leaf is available in bulk-sized boxes including 30-packs of 2, 60 cigars in total. Best of all, our prices are way below retail value (as you can see), and we ship nationwide too!

Dutch Leaf
ITG Brands LLC
Real Sweet
30 Packs of 2

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Sharron C on 03/19/2021
First time trying them. Good for the price

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