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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Sweet
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Sweet
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Sweet

Many have tried, and many have failed. However, that simply isn’t the case with Dutch Masters Sweet Cigarillos! Thanks to superior craftsmanship and attention for fine detail, Dutch Masters was able to pull it off! Indeed, these Sweets are delicious and taste exactly as they should. 

Overall, Dutch Masters uses premium grade-A Cuban-seed tobacco in all its products. Therefore, you already know what to expect with a Sweet Cigarillo. However, the sweet all-natural wrapper gives it consistency and flavor like no other, allowing this Sweet to rise above the so-called competition. To maximize your experience, we totally recommend picking up our 20ct display box! Indeed, these bad boys will sell out fast, so you might want to consider picking up several boxes!

Dutch Master
ITG Brands LLC
20 Packs of 3 Cigars

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