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Game Cigarillos Berry Blast 30ct
Game Cigarillos Berry Blast 30ct
Game Cigarillos Berry Blast 30ct

Manufactured by Swedish Match, Game Berry Blast Cigarillos by Garcia y Vega are indeed one the most exciting cigars of the year! So if you enjoy smooth, rich-tasting cigars that are packed with authentic flavors and all-natural tobacco, then you’re really going to appreciate Game Berry Blast Cigarillos!

That’s right; Berry Blast Limited Edition Cigarillos by Game offer all of the above, plus they feature a Connecticut Shade leaf wrapper, which gives these bad boys added flavor and character! Not to mention, our 30-pack value box is a game-changer that’ll instantly save you up to five-bucks in cash, guaranteed. So don’t delay another day, pick up a case of Game Berry Blast Cigarillos today and enjoy!

Garcia Y Vega
Berry Blast
30 Packs of 2 Cigarillos

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