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King Edward Imperial 50ct Box
King Edward Imperial 50ct Box
King Edward Imperial 50ct Box

Hands down; King Edward’s 50-count Box of Imperial Cigars are the best gift to give to the old man! Not only will he appreciate it more than you may ever understand, but it’ll also make him smile at least 50 times, guaranteed! Plus, the box is long-lasting and will always serve as a great memory!

All in all, the King Edward Imperial 50-count Box is the one gift that keeps on giving! Indeed, these bad boys are packed with toasty, sweet flavors, making them one of the tastiest cigars known to man! Also, they’re an affordable cigar, which is something every smoker can appreciate! Proudly made in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, King Edward Imperial Cigars are smooth, mild, and budget-friendly.

King Edward
Swisher International
Box of 50 Cigars

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