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Little N Wild Original 25ct Box
Little N Wild Original 25ct Box
Little N Wild Original 25ct Box

As cigar enthusiasts ourselves, we can honestly say, not every moment is right for a fruity flavored cigar. So when that time arrives, crush your urge with a Little N Wild Original Cigar! Not only are they full in flavor, but they’re also the next best thing to a sweet, maybe even a little better! 

Made with only premium grade tobacco, these bad boys are well balanced and smooth burning. Not to mention, they come with a convenient plastic or wood tip, allowing for an easy draw that provides an all-body smoke that’ll leave you feeling fully satisfied. On that note, we totally recommend picking up a Little n Wild 25-count box. Not only do they sell fast, but they’re also budget-friendly! So get yours right away and save on time & money!

Good Times
Good Times USA LLC
Box of 25 Cigars

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