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Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct

Getting straight to the point, Optimo Mango Cigarillos are the juiciest, sweetest, tastiest cigar on the market! But then again, who doesn’t love Mangoes? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy an affordable, premium cigar? Well, that’s exactly what you get with an Optimo! So why settle for anything else when you can have the best for less?

With this question in mind, we totally believe Optimo Mango Cigarillos is the brand’s superior flavor. In fact, statistics show Optimo Mango as one of our best-sellers, so this claim isn’t based on our opinion, yet it’s founded on facts! Nevertheless, we recommend trying them out yourself. After that, our 30-count box will be sitting right here waiting on your return!

Swisher International
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Virginia W on 04/27/2020

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