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Pom Pom Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
Pom Pom Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
Pom Pom Cigarillos Sweet 15ct

To dive straight into the facts, Pom Pom Sweet Cigarillos are indeed everything you’d expect them to be! Manufactured by Swisher International, the King of Sweets, Pom Pom is truly the Prince of Sweets! 

So what makes Pom Pom Sweets so unique? Well, for starters, they’re packed with a special blend of premium-grade tobacco! Secondly, they’re deliciously mild and wild. In fact, once you try one, you’ll never go back to your old brand. That’s right; so don’t waste your cash trying to find the perfect pack of sweets, go with Pom Poms, they’re fulfilling and always fresh, guaranteed. So scoop up out 15-count box today and start saving right away!

Pom Pom
Swisher International
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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