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Rap Cigarillos Sweet 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Sweet 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Sweet 15ct Box

What would a brand be without a Sweet? That must of been the thought Rap had in mind when they decided to craft their signature Sweet Cigarillo. As most of us know, several manufacturers offer their own version of the Sweet! However, none of them are quite as delicious as Raps Sweet Masterpiece! 

Indeed, Sweets are cigar enthusiasts, most cherished flavor! But when you try Raps remix to the Sweet Stick, you’ll definitely want to switch! Plus, Rap Sweets come with four in a pack, which is an attribute that sells itself. Not to mention, when you purchase from your favorite little cigar store, you’ll get your Sweets for much less than a buck each!

Miami Florida USA
20 Packs of 4 Cigars

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