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Splitarillos Cigarillos Loud 15ct
Splitarillos Cigarillos Loud 15ct
Splitarillos Cigarillos Loud 15ct

Hands down, Splitarillos Cigarillos are the loudest tasting cigars on the planet, especially their signature Loud cigarillo! Indeed, these bad boys are packed with intense flavors that’ll uplift your smoke life to new heights! 

All in all, Splitarillos Loud Cigarillos are rich and smooth tasting from start to finish! All you have to do is smoke one, and it’s a big chance you’ll never go back to your old brand again. But then again, why would you want to do that? After all, Splitarillos are made from natural premium-grade tobacco exclusively grown in the Dominican Republic! Plus, you get six per pack for under a buck, who can match that?

Trendsettah USA Inc
15 Packs of 6 Cigars

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