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Leap Device Kit
Leap Device Kit
Leap Device Kit


Automatic start up- After the Leap Device has been charged, all you have to do is start inhaling!

Long-lasting charge- After a quick charge, your device will last for days before needing to charge up again!

Pocket-friendly- The device requires practically no maintenance and the only thing you need to change are the flavored pods when they are over. Each device kit contains 1.5 ml of liquid and a new coil to last you for a long time!

The new and popular Leap Device is here to save the day. This e-vapor device is simple to use and has a huge variety of flavored pods to offer. This new electronic device uses the most innovating vaping technology to create an easy and fun way to smoke!

The kit includes a rechargeable Leap Device, a Carolina Tobacco nicotine pod of 1.5 ml which includes 4.8% nicotine and a USB Charger.

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