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Swisher Sweets Little Cigar Sweet Box
Swisher Sweets Little Cigar Sweet Box
Swisher Sweets Little Cigar Sweet Box

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Swisher International
3 7/8
200 Little Cigars
Swisher Sweet Little Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

Donald C on 12/24/2021
it's great and very easy to order and they come right to my door.

Robert F on 05/18/2021
Smooth with a perfect draw. Great taste and aroma.

Thomas S on 05/01/2021
Always have what I want

Lillian F on 01/30/2021

Dan P on 09/20/2020

Richard B on 06/02/2020
We have ordered a couple of times and are very pleased with the service. Delivery is fast.

Michael D on 03/26/2020

Tom H on 03/10/2020
Great job

Kyle S on 12/15/2019
Swisher Sweets king size little cigars are the best little cigar I’ve ever had. It’s pricey by comparison with many little cigars on the market, but it’s well worth the money and superior to cigarettes taxed to twice the price! I live in New York State so the prices of cigarettes drove me to find alternatives. I had had little cigars in the past, but they were the sub-ten dollar cartons and they were so gross they made my eyes water. These, however, are delicious and satisfying. I’ll never go back to cigarettes so long as I can keep buying these. Also, the packaging is great! It features and Eastern European style pack with squared corners in the back and rounded corners in the front. I loved cigarette packs that had that look back when I lived in Ukraine and Russia in college.

Jeffery E on 05/12/2019

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