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Jester Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz Bag
Jester Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz Bag
Jester Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz Bag

Jester Menthol by Lane Limited/Scandinavian is premium-grade tobacco that’s manufactured and grown in the United States. However, getting your hands on a 16oz bag for under thirteen bucks is unheard of, until now! So if you’re a smoker looking to save a few extra grand this year, then here’s your big chance! Regarding the math, 1lb of Virginia & Burley Jester Menthol Pipe Tobacco is enough to manufacture at least 30 Class-A packs of cigarettes! Now, we’ll let you figure out your current losses and your potential gains. In the meantime, we’re open 24/7; when you’re ready to save and take back control of your personal smoke life, then we’ll be here to help make it all happen!

Scandinavian Group
16oz (1lb) Bag

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