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Red Buck Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag
Red Buck Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag
Red Buck Pipe Tobacco Regular 16oz Bag

Red Buck Regular (Original) by Tantus is rich, full-flavor tobacco that’s made from 100% Natural Sun-cured Kentucky Burley! In terms of authenticity, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Not to mention, Tantus is an all-American company based in Russell, Kentucky! So if you’re looking to manufacture your own smokes and SAVE thousands of dollars in the process, then switch to Red Buck Regular! Indeed, our big 1lb bag is currently selling for slightly under twelve bucks! Now if you’re unaware of how much money you're losing by smoking so-called name brand cigarettes, then here’s a quick break down. First & foremost, 16 ounces of Red Buck Regular is enough to roll up 30 packs of Class-A Cigarettes! Now figure out how much you spend monthly and that’s how much you COULD be SAVING! 

Xcaliber International
Red Buck
Full Flavor
16oz (1lb) Bag

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