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Sparrow Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Sparrow Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Sparrow Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Sparrow Mild by Prime Time International features a well-balanced blend of bright, sweet Virginia Cavendish and all-natural Kentucky Burley. So if you’re looking for mild-flavored tobacco that’s authentic tasting and made from premium-grade tobacco, then seek no further than Sparrow Tobacco! Not only does this brand reign supreme in terms of quality, but it’s also affordable, which is surprising because Sparrow Mild is above average compared to other budget-friendly tobacco brands. In fact, you can scoop up a 16oz bag of Sparrow for slightly over thirteen bucks! So if you’re thinking about rolling up your own smokes, then Sparrow Tobacco is a brand that we highly recommend.

US Tobacco
16oz (1lb) Bag

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