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Triple Crown Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Triple Crown Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Triple Crown Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz

Triple Crown Menthol Tobacco is a rich, historic English blend of British Black Cavendish, Fresh Mint, Sun-dried Oriental, and a perfect touch of Fire-cured Latika, which gives it an all-natural smokey flavor that’s unique and authentic tasting. So if you’re looking for a well-balanced tobacco that’s smooth, cool, and refreshing, then seek no further than Triple Crown Menthol. Indeed, this good stuff is loaded with fine cute, premium-grade tobacco leaves, not shake and dust, so purchase with confidence, Triple Crown is without a doubt, all about offering you quality tobacco at affordable prices! Indeed, you can scoop up a 6oz bag at BLC for roughly five bucks! Since you’re here, we totally recommend giving Triple Crown Menthol a try!

Vam Tobacco Inc
Triple Crown
6oz Bag

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Carla M on 11/16/2020
Too small. Love the Tabacco ..

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