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Triple Crown Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Triple Crown Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Triple Crown Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco

Triple Crown Red is an all-natural, all-American flavor that’s rich, authentic tasting, and consists of a full-bodied, full-flavor smoke that’s smooth, yet bold, and most importantly, satisfying! So if you’re looking to ditch those expensive Marlboros and switch to something more realistic and affordable then we recommend giving Triple Crown Red Tobacco a try! Indeed, this good stuff comes packed with a well-balanced blend of natural Cavendish, Turkish, and Fire-cured Latika, which is an old English blend that’s sought after by millions of smokers worldwide. With this in mind, the good guys at BLC totally recommend giving Triple Crown Red a try! Not only is Triple Crown made from quality tobacco, but it’s also affordable, only five bucks for a 6oz bag that can easily roll 200 cigarettes, now you do the math!

Vam Tobacco Inc
Triple Crown
Full Flavor
6oz Bag

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