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LFTD Cigarette Machine
LFTD Cigarette Machine
LFTD Cigarette Machine

Without a doubt, you’ll be able to beat the increasing prices of tobacco with the LFTD Cigarette Machine. In fact, not only will it allow you to save an abundance of CASH, but it’ll also give you your TIME back, which is PRICELESS! 

All in all, the LFTD Cigarette Machine is Quick and Easy to use. Indeed, all you’ll need to do is set the size to either Regular, King, or 100’s, slide on the Cigarette Tube, drop your favorite brand of tobacco in the chamber, pull the lever, and there you go, one perfectly packed cigarette! At those speeds, you could manufacture a whole pack in five minutes! Not to mention, when you produce your own cigarettes, it comes out to about $2 a pack! In other words, purchasing the LFTD Cigarette Machine PAYS for ITSELF in less than a week, guaranteed!

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