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Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Blueberry 25ct Box
Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Blueberry 25ct Box
Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Blueberry 25ct Box

We don’t know if you know or not, but Royal Blunts is sweeping the industry by a storm! Since its founding in Southern California during the mid-’90s, this machine-made wrap manufacturer has built a solid rapport with thousands of Roll Your Own Blunt enthusiasts worldwide! With this in mind, drop down below to discover more about Royal Blunt Wraps and how they can save you tons of cash! 

Overall, this premium box of cigars comes with 25 individual packs. Also, each pack of wraps is sealed in an air-tight foil, preserving freshness and satisfaction from start to finish! Not to mention, these wraps are packed with an intense Blueberry flavor that’ll drive your tastebuds bonkers! So if you light up and see Blue smoke swirling from the tip of your blunt, don’t panic, it’s just your senses going off! 

On that note, scoop up your supply now and start saving time and money today! Indeed, you won’t catch a better deal than this!

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