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Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Sour Apple 25ct Box
Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Sour Apple 25ct Box
Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Sour Apple 25ct Box

Without a doubt, Royal Blunts is one of Southern California’s finest. Not to mention, their Sour Apple flavored wraps are crisp and vibrant, making them perfect for a mid-afternoon switch! However, you don’t have to take it from us, Royal Blunts has been on the scene for over two decades, so we think that sort of speaks for itself. 

As an official distributor of Royal Blunts EZ Roll Sour Apple wraps, it’s an honor to keep the tradition rolling! Indeed, that’s why we carry all flavors and box sizes of these bad boys! That’s right; nobody holds it down as we do! After all, Buy Little Cigars puts customers FIRST. Plus, we have a reputation to protect; that’s why our stock supply is never dry! So let us know if you need any help fulfilling an order, we’re always here when you need us! 

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sonja w on 07/08/2023

Aretha S on 08/23/2021

Joanne L on 08/18/2021

Anita B on 07/20/2021
Hey guys these are what they say they are. For me in my area they sell these for 1 dollar a wrap. So if you buy 25 that's 25 dollars obviously. So to pay roughly 11 plus 4 for shipping and handling your winning. This last purchase I paid 38 dollars for 75 wraps. I'm the store that would be 75 dollars. Win. Was here in a timely manner as well.

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