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Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS
Super Hemp Wraps Sweet 25 2PKS

Made entirely of pure organic hemp fibers, Sweet flavored Super Hemp Wraps contain hints of mild fruity flavor and a delightfully smooth burn. Moreover, these wraps are free of additives, unnatural flavoring, GMOs, gluten, and nicotine. That way, you can enjoy your green guilt-free!

All in all, if you want a delicious and wholesome blunt rolling solution but still desire slightly sweet hints of flavor, these organic hemp wraps are the way to go. Since they come in convenient pouches, they’re easy to carry anywhere! Also, they produce minimal ash and are very gentle and comfortable to smoke.

If that’s not enough, we sell these wraps in large 25 count boxes so that you won’t soon run out! Each 25 count box is full of foil 2-pack pouches so that you get a fresh wrap every time. Then, we offer direct shipping so that you can skip the annoying trip to the smoke shop!

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Elizabeth C on 09/27/2023
We have had great success with this site. We did have one case come damaged, maybe it had gotten wet. We will continue to shop here for sure. Fast and efficient!

Catherine N on 08/16/2022
Love these! These were perfect.

Adam D on 04/21/2022

Malcolm S on 03/11/2022

Savannah W on 02/28/2022
Love these! Smooth and texture equivalent to a blunt minus the nicotine and tobacco.

Tawana B on 11/09/2021

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