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Zig Zag Maracuja Wrap 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Maracuja Wrap 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Maracuja Wrap 25 2PKS

To dive right into it,  Zig Zag Maracuja Wraps are actually made from real figs, mixed in with natural tobacco flavors; these bad boys are designed to optimize any aficionado’s smoking experience. 

The truth is, Maracuja Wraps offer a very mild strength smoke. In fact, the fig taste is rather quite smooth and gentle upon each pull, leaving you fully satisfied long after finishing your blunt.  

Indeed, the Zig Zag Maracuja Wrap is light on all your senses, allowing you to maximize on your blunt from start to finish!  

Grown in the Dominican Republic, these Maracuja Roll Your Own Blunt Wraps are exclusively machine-made with perfection and precision. Not to mention, they’re superior in taste and quality. 

Just like most Zig Zag Blunt Wraps that we offer at BLC, Maracuja comes with 2 in a pouch and 25 packs per box, so you’ll start saving you loads of cash as soon as you check out.

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