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Zig Zag Wraps Grape 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Wraps Grape 25 2PKS
Zig Zag Wraps Grape 25 2PKS

Let’s be honest; there are several different flavors of Blunt Wraps on the market. However, Grape seems to be one of America’s favorites! So if you enjoy a blend of sweet, juicy grapes in your Blunt Roll, then we highly recommend Zig Zag Grape Blunt Wraps! 

It’s been discovered that flavors can mask the natural harshness and taste of tobacco that a lot of people don’t enjoy with their blunt, but with this particular flavor, you can only taste Grape!

Zig Zag Grape Blunt Wraps come in a foil pouch containing two wraps respectively. Plus, our Box Special includes 25 individual packs at the lowest price in the world. 

So before you check out at BLC, make sure to scoop up a few boxes of Zig Zag Grape, we guarantee they won’t sit around for long!

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Deanna G on 03/06/2022

Julianne Z on 09/26/2021

Brad V on 06/28/2021
Product arrived quickly and quality was good. Thank you!

Karen T on 03/29/2021
Thanks so much will order again

Allen N on 03/24/2021

Beverly S on 03/02/2021
These flavored wraps are hard to get most sites are always sold out I was glad to get them from your site. I will be ordering more👍

Larry M on 02/11/2021
great product

Chris B on 10/27/2020

Angela S on 10/11/2020

Kristen S on 10/05/2020

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