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Introducing USPS First Class Mail Shipping!

We have negotiated some great shipping rates for orders that weigh under 1lb.
Great for orders of Electronic Cigarettes, Cigarillos, Blunt Wraps, and a single carton of Filtered Cigars.


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Hello, welcome to Buy Little Cigars, your secure online cigar shopping destination. Shop our extensive line of Little Cigars, Filtered Cigars, Flavored Cigars, Pipe Tobacco, Cigarillos, Cigar Wraps, Cigarette Tubes, and Smoking Accessories. Flavored cigars come in tasty varieties like Cherry, Grape, Vanilla, and more! If you like flavored cigars we carry the most out of any cigar shop online. By shopping for filtered cigars from the comfort of your home there's no need to drive to the store. Throughout the years more and more smokers have been switching over to filtered cigars. They find that the cost savings of filtered cigars over other forms of smoking is so great they wonder why they didn't make the switch sooner to filtered cigars. Shop us regularly to see what's on special weekly.
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