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Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigars 20 5PKS
Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigars 20 5PKS
Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigars 20 5PKS

Without question, Blackstone Vanilla Tip Cigars are in a league of their own! That’s right; these bad boys pack a bold punch of vanilla flavors that’ll take your smoking experience to the next level, guaranteed. So before you consider anything else, we think you should take into consideration the offer we’re about to present. 

All in all, Blackstone Vanilla Tips are rich in flavor and quality. Not to mention, they’re affordable and suitable for any budget. In fact, it’s rather unusual to find such a superb cigar sold for less. As most would agree, the cigar industry is flooded with crap cigarillos and wraps (Not at BLC), so it’s quite relieving to know that there are still brands on the market that care about both quality and price. After all, those are the two key main ingredients that smokers pay attention to first.

Swisher International Inc
20 Packs of 5 Cigars

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