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Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct

Made in the USA by Swisher International, Optimo Grape Cigarillos are indeed the most exciting grape-flavored cigar to ever hit the market. Not only are the rich and authentic tasting, but they’re also packed with premium, imported tobacco and machine-wrapped with an all-natural shade leaf.

So as you can see, Optimo Grape Cigarillos are truly one-of-a-kind. Not to mention, Buy Little Cigars offers a 30-pack value box, which is also a one-of-a-kind found nowhere else online! Well, not for this price anyways! Plus, if you pick up at least eight boxes of Grape Optimos from BLC we’ll eat the delivery fees and shoot your order out on the house! With this in mind, pick up a few cases today, let us know where it’s going, and we’ll be on our way!

Swisher Interanational
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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