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Swisher Sweets BLK Cherry Tip Cigarillos
Swisher Sweets BLK Cherry Tip Cigarillos
Swisher Sweets BLK Cherry Tip Cigarillos

Without question, Swisher Sweets Blk Cherry Tip Cigarillos are rich and superior in flavor. Indeed, we never tasted a cherry-flavored cigarillo so delicious before! In fact, Blk Cherry Tip Cigarillos are now one of our hottest sellers! 

All in all, if you thought Swishers were already amazing, then wait until you try their Sweet Cherry Tip Cigarillo! Not only are they juicy & delicious, but they’re also one of a kind, and they’re selling out fast. With this in mind, we’d like to invite you to pick up as many as you can! Our 15-pack box is a hot order right now, so don’t delay, take advantage of this opportunity to save today!

Swisher Sweet
Swisher International
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Debbie Porterfield P on 10/21/2021

Clifford R on 09/15/2021

Donny B on 08/10/2021

Gregory H on 08/09/2021

Susan M on 07/19/2021

Frank B on 07/18/2021

Juan M on 06/17/2021

Lissa S on 06/08/2021
Your company is awesome I will give you all 5***s I will continue buying from you.

MaryAnn R on 05/17/2021
great taste and value

Sarah W on 04/15/2021

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