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White Owl Cigarillos Chocolate Vanilla Swirl 30ct
White Owl Cigarillos Chocolate Vanilla Swirl 30ct
White Owl Cigarillos Chocolate Vanilla Swirl 30ct

Sweet, smooth, and delightfully satisfying, White Owl Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cigarillos come in a large 30ct box so there’s plenty to go around! As such, you can smoke these mouth-watering cigarillos daily, on special occasions, or whenever you’re craving an indulgent treat. Swirled to perfection with real chocolate and vanilla essences, they’re like nothing else!

When you first open one of these sweetly sensational cigarillo 2-packs, you’ll immediately notice a twisted chocolate and vanilla wrapper. Made using real Cuban-seed tobacco leaves, these delicious cigarillos are infused with cocoa, white chocolate, and real smooth vanilla bean! Plus, since they come in individual FoilFresh pouches, you’ll get the perfect cigarillo every time!

All in all, these premium quality cigarillos are ideal for those with a sweet tooth or selective chocolate lovers! If that’s not enough, you can try them today at unbelievably low online prices. Then, we ship ‘em straight to your front door! Better yet, qualifying bulk orders are eligible for free shipping! So what are you waiting for?

White Owl Cigars
Swedish Match
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
30 Packs of 2 Cigarillos

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