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White Owl Cigarillos Peach 30ct
White Owl Cigarillos Peach 30ct
White Owl Cigarillos Peach 30ct

There is nothing more Southern than an aromatic peach cigarillo that is made in the Southern U.S., and that is exactly what you get when you indulge yourself with White Owl Cigarillos Peach from the famous Swedish Match Tobacco company. They have been in the tobacco business since the 1880’s, so it is no wonder that White Owl has some of the best flavor blends around. Expertly crafted from a blend of five tobaccos, including Cuban Seed tobacco, with just the right amount of peach flavor to taste but not over power and wrapped in a resealable pack to ensure the cigarillos freshness is what you will find each time you light White Owl Cigarillos Peach. All you have to do is kick your feet up on your porch, light one and enjoy some quality quiet time.

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