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White Owl White Grape
White Owl White Grape
White Owl White Grape

If you are considering a new and unique flavor of cigarillo to try, White Owl Cigarillos White Grape from the Swedish Match Tobacco company is exactly what you want. Quite often when people think of white grape they think of a sweet fruity juice that kids adore, but White Owl knows smokers revel in the abundant flavors they offer, and always aim to please. After all, you don’t become one of the biggest names in tobacco by always playing it safe. These slightly sweet, mellow and even burning cigarillos are paired up and then carefully sealed in a foil pouch that you can reseal anytime so you know you will have a fresh smoke every time. White Owl Cigarillos are made from some of the finest tobaccos in the entire world, but they come to you at such an affordable price that you will want to try them all. So don’t wait any longer. Try White Owl Cigarillos White Grape today!

White Owl cigars
Swedish Match
White Grape
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Susan M on 07/19/2021

Paul G on 07/15/2021

Steven W on 05/07/2021
Cheaper than the gas stations and delivered to my door in 3 days!

Heather G on 10/13/2020

Brian L on 08/22/2020
Perfect and even with the shipping cost.... It's still cheaper than any of my local village stores that seldom carry the white grape. Shipping was extremely fast..I think like 2.5 days from K.Y. to N.H.= bonus✓ I'll be ordering soon again I'm sure , Thanks Y'all Yee-Yee 💪👍

Shelton B on 05/06/2020

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