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Double Diamond Menthol 100 Box Little Cigar
Double Diamond Menthol 100 Box Little Cigar
$17.99 $11.99
Double Diamond Menthol 100 Box Little Cigar

Exceptionally cool filtered cigars, with a kick of mint that lingers on your lips. Made in India with some of the best local tobaccos, aged 25 to 45 days and fermented with fresh mint. The filters in Double Diamond little cigars are only 10mm long, allowing space for an extra 20mm of tobacco.

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
GTC Industries

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Cindy B on 02/16/2019
I stopped smoking Menthol a long time ago but your Double Diamond Menthol are fantastic! They give a nice, smooth menthol taste. Thank you!!!

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