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Dr. Grabow Omega Smooth Pipe
Dr. Grabow Omega Smooth Pipe
Dr. Grabow Omega Smooth Pipe

Being the largest pipe manufacturer in the world, we’re sure you have several Dr. Grabow Pipes in your collection. However, if you don’t have the Grabow Omega, then you’re really missing out on one hell of a pleasant smoking experience. Not only is this pipe unique and stylish, but it’s also smooth hitting, with or without the filter! 

All in all, the Grabow Omega is rustic and made from high-quality briar from Southern Europe. Although, this pipe was made in the USA with pride and true craftsmanship! Not to mention, you’ll never find a pipe of such class at these prices, and we guarantee that. 

Overall, the Omega has a good draw, leaving you fully satisfied with each pull you take. Also, it has a small bowl, making it convenient for short smoke breaks on the go! Besides that, it takes hardly any effort to clean, so you can enjoy a fresh bowl of premium tobacco whenever your heart desires!

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