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Double Platinum Cigarillos

By all means, Double Platinum Cigarillos offer some of the wildest flavors in the cigar industry! Not only are these cigars sweet, juicy, and delicious, but they’re also made from premium quality tobacco and super cheap on your pocket too! Not to mention, Double Platinum Cigarillos are really enjoyable on a beautiful summer day! Better yet, it’s the perfect beach cigar, hands down!

As we mentioned above, Double Platinum Cigarillos pack a double punch of flavor and sweetness! With so many wild options to select from, we recommend trying them all. With so many flavors to consider, here are six that will surely excite your taste buds! For starters, we’d say check out the Apple Martini; it tastes exactly like its name! Also, Pink Berry, Bluez, Wet Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Purple are all Top-Sellers!

Luckily, we carry all these top flavors we just told you about. Plus, we’re always adding more! At the same time, we offer several package deals, so the more you buy, the more you save! Also, if you spend at least $199 at Buy Little Cigars, we’ll ship your order out to on the house! That’s right; we’ll cover all charges and ship your boatload out on the same day!