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Fiesta Cigarillos

First and foremost, Fiesta Cigarillos are not an easy find. In fact, it’s extremely rare to come across a five-pack of cigars for 99¢ anywhere! Plus, if you purchase our extra-rare box deals, you even get them for less! So if you’re a small business or tobacco outlet looking for some guaranteed profit, then we totally recommend buying in BULK.

Not only do you save tons of money when you buy more, but once you spend at least $199 at Buy Little Cigars, we’ll ship your package out with Free Shipping! That’s right; you won’t have to pay a dime in shipping when you shop with us online for over $199!  Which, is our special way of saying Thank You for your time, business, and consideration!

Now we understand not everyone is running a tobacco outlet, so for all you cigar smokers out there on the go, Fiesta Cigarillos is known for its quality and affordability! So if you’re looking to get more flavor for your buck, then you’re in luck! We now offer 15ct Boxes at the lowest prices on the web! Plus, the same deal above applies to your purchase as well, the more you spend, the more you win!