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Brand : Hav A Tampa
Manufacturer : ITG Brands LLC
Flavor(s) : Sweet
Qty. / Pkg. : 10 Packs of 5 Cigars

Hav-A-Tampa Cigars

Since 1901, the Florida-based manufacturer, Hav-A-Tampa has unquestionably established itself as a heavy-weight contender in the cigar industry. Not only did your granddaddy smoke them, but his granddaddy most likely smoked them too!

By all means, Hav-A-Tampa Cigars has withstood the test of times as one of the best selling machine made cigars in the world. Therefore, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have them available for our customers 24/7. Produced in Puerto Rico, these Jewels are capped with a Birchwood tip that allows for a smooth and easy draw every time!

All in all, Hav-A-Tampa’s are always rich in flavor and enjoyable to smoke. So order your supply today at Buy Little Cigars, and we’ll throw in Free Shipping if your purchase exceeds $199! Besides, we provide the best deals online, so getting your Hav-A-Tampa’s here only makes sense. Not to mention, we ship your order out right away, so your cigars are always delivered fresh, guaranteed.

Also, Hav-A-Tampa Cigars are made by Altadis USA, which just so happens to be the manufacturer for Backwoods, Dutches, Phillies, along with several other premium cigar brands. Regardless, if you prefer the 50ct Box Deal or our 10 Pack Special, we got you covered at Buy Little Cigars!

So before you proceed to checkout, make sure to scoop up a few boxes for a rainy day, or to simply stock your selves, Hav-A-Tampa Cigars will definitely sell just as fast as you can make them available!