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King Edward Cigars

According to the makers of King Edward Cigars, the name derives after the legendary story of how King Edward VII of England himself eliminated Queen Victoria’s smoking ban in the Kingdom. So to preserve history forever, one of the finest cigars in the world was named after him. However, it’s not the name that sells; it’s the quality of tobacco used in a King Edward that makes it one of the most famous cigars in the world.

Other than that, King Edwards are proudly made in the USA. Where of course, we’re free to smoke our cigars in peace! Of course, there are limits from place to place, but none the less, we are free to purchase online regardless of where you live in the states, plus when they arrive at your door, you can proudly fire one up and enjoy a little taste good old American freedom!

King Edwards is a top-notch, light-body cigar made from 100% all-natural tobacco leaf stuffed with a unique blend of sweet and hearty flavors! So before you check out at Buy Little Cigars make sure to throw in some King Edward cigars! We offer a variety of flavors and package deals, including our King Edward Imperial 50CT Box set, that we’re sure you’ll love! Plus, when you buy your sticks from us, you save tons of cash, and we deliver fast, guaranteed.