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Night Owl Cigars

Once again, the makers of White Owl Cigars, Swedish Match, has done it again! Earlier this year, they launched the Night Owl brand, since then, it has swept across the nation, gaining traction and popularity wherever it goes, including here at Buy Little Cigars! So without further ado, drop down below to discover more about Night Owl, the cigar that every smoker in America is talking about.

First, Night Owls always come in a fresh foil pouch, which guarantees freshness every time you tear a pack open! Plus, we guarantee freshness with every delivery as well, so that’s two scoops of fresh for the price of one! Not to mention, we offer a sweet free shipping promo when you purchase more than $199 at Buy Little Cigars. So before you check out, make sure to grab a few boxes of Night Owls! Trust us, they’re a hot seller and won’t last long once they hit your shelves! As for the smoker, the same shipping deal applies to you as well. So bundle up, save money, and make sure you never run low again!

At the moment, Night Owls are sold in four delicious flavors, including Classic, Wine, Tropical and of course Black Cherry. So to sweeten things up a little, we made sure we had all four flavors to choose from! In fact, we offer a one of a kind, 120 count box set that comes with 30 packs in each flavor!

That’s right, take another look at the price, go ahead, we’ll wait for you! Now if that’s not a deal and a half, then we don’t know cigars! And let us remind you, we eat, sleep, and breathe cigars, we follow the trends and hook you up with best prices online, guaranteed. So trust us, we know our cigars, and we know you won’t find a better steal this one!