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Phillies Cigars

Straight from the City of Brotherly Love, Phillies have become one the most beloved cigars in the United States of America! Since its establishment in 1910, they’ve built a reputation for delivering the finest cigars and cigarillos known to man. Indeed, Phillies are a staple among people who take satisfaction in smoking a smooth, affordable cigar.

Today Phillies are still made in the USA. However, they now operate out of Selma, Alabama, where the weather is much more warmer, which is expected when you’re over 100 years of age!  Also, they still use the same unique blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos just as they did a century ago! Despite time and location, a Phillie is a Phillie just as it was in the early 1900s. So when you order a package of Phillies from Buy Little Cigars, we guarantee to deliver the same quality of fresh cigars that you’ve always enjoyed.

Plus, we offer a sweet free shipping promotion when you purchase over $199 of worlds finest cigars and cigarillos! Not to mention, we offer several flavors, including all your favorites such as Krome Sweets, Krome White Grape, Blunts, Chocolate, Strawberry, Titans, and so much more! In addition to that, we provide our customers 50 and 55 count Boxes of Phillies. Which, is a gift that that’ll surely be appreciated for a long time!