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Pom Pom Cigars

Since 1958, Swisher International has been making all your favorite machine-made cigars, and among them, you’ll find Pom Pom Cigarillos! However, most folks have never heard of this sweet, little aromatic cigar before! Which is sad in our opinion because this shorty is delicious and made from only premium quality short filler tobacco! Not to mention, Pom Poms are graciously infused with several mouthwatering favors! Therefore, once you try one, you’ll likely be back for another!

In addition to a rich Caribbean scent, Pom Poms are also made with a 100% all-natural wrapper. This, in return, allows these cigarillos to burn for quite a long time. So if you’ve been in search of the perfect cigarillo to unwind the night with, then seek no further, Pom Pom Cigars are the solution! In fact, these little distinctive bad boys taste so good that you’ll want to skip dessert and go straight for a Pom Pom!

At the moment, Pom Pom Cigars comes in six irresistible flavors including Glazed, Grape, White Grape, Islander, Sweets, and Slow Glow, which is their signature green leaf cigarillo. And of course, we have all six available for you here Buy Little Cigars!