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Prince Albert Cigars

To all our fellow pipe smokers out there, we know and understand it’s not easy to enjoy a smoke when you’re always on the go. So with you in mind, we at Buy Little Cigars would like to introduce to you Prince Albert Cigarillos! Indeed, these pleasant 5 x 30 cigars offer the same great, satisfying taste that you savour while smoking your old trusty pipe!

Ultimately, Prince Albert Cigarillos offer the best of both worlds! Not only can you enjoy fresh pipe tobacco on the go, but you can still relax with your pipe at the end of the night. Our aim at Buy Little Cigars is to provide you with an affordable alternative smoking experience that’ll quench all your mid-day cravings!

Proudly made in the USA by Middleton, these soothing, serene cigarillos will surely make you feel like royalty! Prince Albert only uses high-grade, premium tobacco, so every pull is just as good as the one before, guaranteed. Plus, they come in Soft & Sweet Vanilla and Soft Cherry Vanilla, both in which we carry! With that said, order yours today and never go without your pipe tobacco again!