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Splitarillos Cigars

All things considered, when comparing a Splitarillo with all other top-selling cigarillo brands, you’ll find that Splitarillos are at the top of their class in terms of quality! It’s no wonder these bad boys are sweeping across America like a wildfire! Not to mention, they only use premium cigar tobacco from the Dominican Republic.

According to the makers of Splitarillo Cigars, DR provides a superior climate that allows for high-grade tobacco to be grown. Which, is a worldwide fact that both smokers and suppliers would agree one. However, Splitarillo offers something much more than all other cigarillo brands on the market. Indeed, they have the most unique line of flavors in the whole cigar industry! That’s right; you can get Splitarillos in Cali Green Sweets, Loud, OG Sweets, Purple K, and several other vibrant flavors!

In addition to great taste, we offer the best prices online or in person for Splitarillo Cigars! Plus, we have boxes that consist of 6 for 99¢ packs! Not only do you get the most bang for your buck, but they’re also a hot-seller that won’t sit around for long! On that note, make sure to you stock up on a few of these boxes before you check out.