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White Cat Cigarillos

Proudly made in the Dominican Republic, White Cat Cigars and Cigarillos offer a mild strength smoking experience. Plus, they’re always packaged in an air-tight foil to provide a guaranteed freshness every time you rip a pack open! So if you’ve never had the unique pleasure of smoking a Wild Cat Cigarillo before, then drop down below to discover what you’ve been missing all along!

Now we know a lot of you out there have never heard of White Cat before, and that’s cool, but after today, you’ll never be able to say you didn’t know! On that note, these little bad cigarillos are mostly known for their bold flavor, smooth smoke, and of course affordability. Combining all three, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to present to you one of the most underrated cigarillos on the market.

No matter what the occasion is, a White Cat Cigarillo will set the tone and get you in the mood. Due to the simple fact that the manufacturer of these sticks only uses Grade-A premium tobacco, you simply just won’t find a better deal than this one! So scoop up you Box Deal now, and win big with your friends and colleagues! Surely, they’re going to smell you from a mile away and want to know exactly what it is your smoking! So when that happens, make sure you send them to Buy Little Cigars where they can find an unlimited supply of refreshing White Cat Cigarillos at a killer price!