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Leap Vapor

First and foremost, Leap eCigarettes were designed for adult smokers only! In fact, all eCig products are for persons 21 and older. However, Leap likes to clarify that up front, so we thought we’d honor that since this is their trustworthy device that we’re promoting. Plus, we tried the Leap pen for ourselves, and it’s by far the real deal.

Utilizing science and precision, Leap created the perfect vape pen that never leaves you unsatisfied. Plus, the Leap doesn’t ever leak, which is something every smoker hates more than anything! So thanks to state-of-the-art ingenuity by Leap, those leaky days are long gone! Now, you’ll be able to enjoy a consistent, compelling, and clean vaping experience like never before.

All in all, the Leap Device Kit comes with everything you need to get going! Plus, it’s very low maintenance! Indeed, charging the battery and changing Pods is all you’ll ever have to do! Speaking of charging, this device does take a couple of hours to charge fully, but once it hits 100% you’ll be good all day long and some!