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1839 Cigars

Try out these classic cigars that will give you an unforgettable smoking experience! 1839 filtered cigars are the finest cigars out there that are made with premium quality tobacco. They are manufactured by Premier Manufacturing and are made with the finest tobacco in the USA. You can enjoy a variety of flavors like Menthol, Vanilla, and Cherry! With 1839 cigars, you can experience the mellow taste of premium tobacco which makes them stand out in a crowd. The 1839 cigars have a smooth and strong smoky aroma that will have you addicted in no time! There are several other flavors available such as full blend, full-flavor and many more.

These cigars have a strong design and a pocket-friendly shape that makes them ideal for an intensive on the go experience. At such a low price, money is not going to stand between you and the premium experience of the 1839 cigars. 


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