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Captain Black's world famous, top-selling pipe tobacco gives these little cigars their enviable smooth, mild flavor.

Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black Cigars offers Little Cigars that are filled with premium tobacco and are the perfect companion for smokers who are always out and about. Each pack offers sweet, aromatic, mouthwatering flavors that are a must try for cigar lovers.

Whether you love light fruity flavors or like to savor a strong rich tobacco flavor with each draw, Captain Black Cigars satiates your cravings with its amazing range of flavors. It is manufactured by Lane Limited using premium quality tobaccos acquired from the fertile lands of the US, Indonesia, and the Philippines. All flavors of these Little Cigars, which include Vanilla and Sweets, are available at BuyLittleCigars at some of the lowest rates around. What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite pack of Captain Black Cigars today!


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