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Djarum Bali Hai Filtered Cigars are a little less strong than their original clove cigars, rolled in plain white sweetened paper instead of black.
Djarum's menthol little cigars are sophisticated and super-smooth, packed in a stylish black and green box.
Mild, exotic Indonesian tobaccos, spiced with cloves and sweetened with vanilla make these filtered cigars one of Djarum's finest creations.
Once you taste Djarum Black Filtered Cigars, you'll understand why they've been internationally distributed for so long.
Djarum's famous expertise in crafting clove filtered cigars really shines when they add a touch of black cherry to their premium Asian tobacco.
A milder take on Djarum's world-famous kretek filtered cigars.
Djarum Special filtered cigars are spicy, with a strong flavor of cloves and hints of cardamom and cinnamon.
Djarum Splash filtered cigars aren't as strong as some of their other offerings, with just a splash of the brand's famous clove and spice taste.

Djarum Clove Cigars

Djarum Cigars are the most popular Indonesian cigars available, and offer consumers a spicy blend of premium quality tobacco. Now with its compact size, you can take your Djarum Cigars and hit the road. Each box comes in a perfectly sealed packaging offering a truly satisfying smoke that does not only taste amazing, but also delivers tantalizing aromas.

Djarum Cigars are ideal for short and rewarding smoke breaks anytime you wish. BuyLittleCigars brings you an exclusive collection of Djarum Cigars and flavors, including Splash, Black Vanilla, Select, Special, Black Menthol, Black Ultra Menthol, Black Ultra Smooth, Black, Black Cherry and Bali Hai. All of which are hard to find anywhere else on the internet. Browse through our collection of Little Cigars, pick your favorite flavors and order your Djarum Cigars today!


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