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King Edward theā€¦ cool? That's what you get in these ultra-refreshing filtered cigars rolled with superior quality tobacco and infused with icy menthol.
"Gentlemen, you may smoke." So said King Edward on reversing Queen Victoria's ban on smoking. Today, gentlemen continue to smoke King Edward Filtered Cigars.

King Edward Little Cigars

King Edward said it best, upon reversing Queen Victoria's ban on smoking, "Gentlemen, you may smoke." King Edward Little Cigars, produced by Swisher International in Jacksonville, Florida, were so named as a direct result of this famous historical quote.

These are smooth, distinguished Little Cigars rolled with a rich natural tobacco that offers smokers a cigar that is nothing but flavorful. Coming in three varieties that will please virtually any smoker’s tastes, including Cherry, Ice Menthol and Original, King Edward Little Cigars will leave you feeling like royalty with each puff you take. Make sure to order yours today!


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